Can You Believe Princess Hannah Nicole is One Year Old Already?!?




Hannah Nicole is One Year Old!

I'm almost 20 lbs. and I'm 27 inches tall.  I have 8 teeth, and a bunch more are ready to pop (ouch!) in.   I've been real healthy, and I've been real fun.

I can walk and 'talk', and say Daa-Daa and Maa-Maa.  Some of my favorite sounds to make are that of a fan, boat, car, truck, plane, tree, sloppy wet raspberry ;), or a little hearty AAhhhhh after taking a big drink.

I know how to put things In and take things Out, I know who my Mommy and Daddy are, and I know who I am too!  I know where my hair is, and I can 'brush my teeth' and 'comb my hair'.  I can even stand on one leg at a time!

I love the outdoors, and I really like to play with Ryan and John-John.  My wagon is one of my coolest presents that my parents pull me all around in.

If you haven't seen me lately, you're missing out.  I'm doing new things every single day, and having lots of fun!!







Take me Home Sweet Home...

Date Created:  August 25, 1998

Date Last Modified:  August 27, 1999

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